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Alfred Chadbourn Inspires at the Ogunquit Museum

In painting, as in life, you can get away with a great deal as long as you have your values right. (Harley Brown)

  Stopping at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art the other day yielded a tour through Maine through the eyes of Chip Chadbourn, the inspiring painter and influential teacher from the recent past- as well as a great afternoon of painting for me right on the grounds of the museum. A memorable afternoon! The Chadbourn retrospective was full of strength and simplicity in painting, color and light orchestrated with assurance and a sense of freedom. This was balanced with a very noticeable quality of control in the underlying value structure. 

  This was the first large show of Chadbourn's work that I have seen, and there were oil paintings only, mostly painted in Maine. I would have loved to have seem some drawings, perhaps a sketchbook, and work in other media. Did he work with water media or pastel? It seems likely. 

  Wanting more about his work, some research turned up th…

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